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Things To Check When Buying A Used Surfboard

Things To Check When Buying A Used Surfboard

Every surfer would like a new surfboard whether it is off-the-rack or custom-made. However, the fact remains that surfboards are quite expensive. It is not something that comes easily even with all the discounts available on the readymade boards. If you are buying the first time, it is more advisable to go for a used surfboard. You get quite a good selection of them on Craigslist.

There are certain things to be checked when buying a used surfboard.

Check For Damages

Any surfboard could have suffered damage when used. It could have hit on rocks or coral. You need to check for these thoroughly. You need to make sure to remove all the wax and check for these damages. Other areas to check are behind the rubber nose and tail guards. Get these removed too to check for damages. You can always glue them back. These damages could suck the water in.

Be Alert For Delamination

A certain amount of delamination can happen in some areas. This is usual for a used surfboard. The areas where the hands grab when the surfer pops up are bound delamination. The other area that you should look for are the spots where the knees hit when the surfers are paddling. If the delamination is small in these areas, there is no need for any concern.

Excessive Spray Painting

It is normal for surfers to use a little spray paint on their boards to make them look funky. This is a very common practice. However, if the board has been spray painted excessively or all over the board, then you need to be alert. It could have been done to cover up some damage. You should talk more about it with the seller about repairs. Trust your guts to give you the right feeling about buying the board. If you feel a little unsatisfactory about the answers, then it is better not to buy the board.

Repair Of Small Damages

If there are many small damages on the board, you should consider this seriously. Even small damages can leak water. You should consider the cost of repairing these damages when you buy the board. You should add this cost to the board and see whether it is worth it.

Check Fin Box And Leash Plug

If the fin box and leash plug are pushed in or popped out, you may have to replace them. Factor in these costs and see how the price is.

Check above things when you buy a used surfboard.

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