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To Buy Customized Or Off The Rack?

As with everything in this world, there are two schools of thought about buying the surfboard. Some feel it is better to go for a customized surfboard that will be perfect for you. Others feel that there are enough options available in the off-the-rack variety that you can find one that is the best suited for you.

Let us see what the arguments in favor of a readymade surfboard are as opposed to a custom-made one.

There Is No Wait

When you are waiting to get that shiny new surfboard and you have the money ready, why wait for a custom made one when you have enough choices available at the surf shop? As in most things which are custom made, even in the case of surfboards you cannot expect to get the delivery on time. Sometimes the wait is too long as to frustrate you. There is no reason to face such a situation when you can just go and buy it in no time.

You Can Get Good Deals

You are certainly not going to get a discount on a piece that must be specifically built as per your requirements. Boards which are kept in a shop must be moved out to make a profit and to allow new ones to be displayed. This means that you can get a good deal if you just insist on it. You will get some additional stuff thrown in free and get a few dollars cheaper too.

What If Your Custom-Made Is Different?

There are many occasions where the specs have been different than what you ordered. Doesn’t this happen even in heavy engineering goods? Doesn’t this happen when you stitch your dress? It is the same with custom-made surfboards too. Things could go wrong and will be different from what you ordered. You will be grateful to get the piece in your hands after so much delay, that you will just take the stuff however different it is, from what you ordered.

You Can Get The One You Want

So much research has been done on the surfboard and almost every kind of surfboard that suits various people are available in surf shops. If you search in a few places you will certainly get the right one that suits your type of body and the waves you want to ride. The only thing you probably are going to pay extra is for the artwork.

You have enough points to support buying an off-the-rack surfboard.

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