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What Can We Learn From A Surfer?

What Can We Learn From A Surfer?

It is hard to understand what a surfer feels when he is out there alone with the waves, tackling them and conquering them. It is an individual sport and a non-surfer can never understand what a surfer feels when he has achieved something. We hardly see surfers jump in joy or shake hands with each other after they have achieved something difficult. There may not much we can understand about the sport unless we ourselves become surfers.

They probably only can know the feeling and experience it. But, there are quite a few things we can learn from a surfer.

They Live In That Moment

This is the one things with surfers. They enjoy what is given to them at that moment. There is no way they can imagine that feeling nor experience it again. The ocean is the most unpredictable of all nature’s elements. It changes every minute and the surfer has to be ready for what it throws at him. Whatever surfers get on a particular day, they are happy about it and think nothing more about it. It is difficult to be like that.

Fear Makes Them Humble

The ocean can throw up a lot of danger in front of the surfer. The surfer knows it only too well. However much you have trained or achieved the best, the next time could be still difficult for you as a surfer. You don’t know when you will have to face the ocean’s fury. Surfers know it too well and it helps them to keep their egos in check. They know they are against a formidable force that can bring them down in a moment.

Valuing Camaraderie

Surfers know more than anyone that one person who doesn’t follow the protocol can be dangerous for all. They also know that there will always be someone to help if there is a danger. Though it is an individual sport, there exists a silent pact between the surfers as to who will take the wave and who will let go. There is no need for them to say it loud. It is there.

Surfers Are Resilient

This is something that is built in the sports itself. You will fall down a lot and get hurt before you can even try to surf properly. That makes a surfer resilient. He knows that every time he falls down, he will get up an even better surfer than before.

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