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What Do I Need to paddleboard?

What Do I Need to Take with Me for paddleboarding?

What do I need to paddle board? Are you planning to take SUP classes but do not know what you need to take with you during your first class? In this article we have described the basic items you need to take with you if you are going to attend a SUP lesson. We have also pointed out what you will need when you are going paddling on your own. So, let’s understand what these basic items are and how you can use them to make your paddle board experience amazing.

Things to take when you are going for your first SUP lesson

What Do I Need To Paddleboard when I take a lesson?

Clean clothes

When you reach your SUP school, you will be given a pair of shorts and a t-shirt according to the weather conditions. You will have to wear them before starting your lesson. They are used to have a more comfortable experience on the water.

As you will be learning the sport in the water, it means you will fall and get drenched very often. Your clothes will get wet, which you will have to change when you are back on the beach. If the cold wind is blowing, you will not be able to stand on the beach for long. The first thing you will have to do after returning to the beach is to change your wet clothes and wear clean, comfortable clothes. Therefore, do not forget to take neat clothing with you while going for your first SUP lesson.


Standing under the sun sure feels amazing. It energizes you and boosts the production of vitamin D. But make sure you do not forget to apply sunscreen while enjoying your time in the sun. If you are going in the summers, then the effect of the sun will be more prominent. You will have direct contact with the sun rays, and rays will also fall on your body after reflecting the water surface.

So, protect yourself properly and apply sunscreen on your body properly, so it does not get burnt, and you have an enjoyable experience while learning and paddling.   


If the sun is bright, you can have difficulty looking in different directions while paddling. All in all, it can have a bad impact, and you may have trouble understanding the lessons. So, in order to protect yourself from the discomfort, take your sunglasses with you. Wear them when the sun is bright and is affecting your view.


The purpose of wearing a hat is similar to the purpose of wearing sunglasses. If you are going to a SUP lesson in the summer, then take your hat to keep your face protected from the sun rays. It will also protect your eyes from sharp and bring sun rays. You will be able to view even in the direction of the sun.


After completing your lesson on water, your body will be fully drenched because of falling in the water several times. Before wearing a clean set of cloth, it is better to dry your body so that your dry clothes do not get wet, as well.

Lip balm

Falling again and again in water means you will be in the water most of the time if you are a beginner. It can make your skin and lips feel dry. So, keep a lip balm (SPF 15+) with you so you can apply it whenever you feel your lips are getting dried and need to be moisturized well.


Commonly, students get offered snacks or any food item in the inflatable paddle board school. But you should still always take your own snacks and food with you in case you do not get anything to eat there. It will keep you energized, and your strength will also get boosted. So, keep healthy snacks in a bag that is also easy to carry with you.


Likewise, you may feel thirsty by performing different activities on the water. Therefore, take refreshing water with you so you can quench your thirst and focus more on the lesson. A cool bottle of water will keep you hydrated and make you feel refreshing.

Phone in a protective bag

The phone is considered one of the necessities in this world of technology. You cannot leave it behind at home to keep it away from water because its need can arise at any time. That is why you buy a reliable and durable protective bag for your phone and keep your phone in it to protect it from getting wet. Having your phone covered will also give you peace of mind, and you will be able to pay attention to the lesson more attentively.

What Do I Need To Paddleboard - pakaloa
What Do I Need To Paddleboard

Things to take when you are going for paddle boarding on your own

What Do I Need To Paddleboard if I do paddleboard alone?

What Do I Need To Paddleboard? The things mentioned above are the ones that you will need to take to your first SUP lesson. You will need them while learning to paddle board. However, if you are going for paddling on your own or with your family or friends, then it is necessary to keep additional items with you, items that are not in the list mentioned above. Let’s see what these basic things are.

Standup paddle board

You can either buy a standup paddle board or rent it from a rental shop. The choice is yours. Do what is more feasible for you. If you plan to paddle more often, it is recommended to buy your own paddle board. But if you plan to paddle board seldom, you do not have to use your money buying a board.

If you are planning to buy a paddleboard, then do your homework before making a purchase. There is a huge variety of paddle boards available in the market. They come in different forms (hard and inflatable) and materials. Check the difference between the main types of paddle boards. Then analyze what your requirements are. Finalize your decision after comparing the benefits and disadvantages of owning a paddle board.

Personal floatation device

This is something that your SUP school provides, but if you plan to go on your own, you will have to take your personal floatation device (PFD) for your safety. If you do not know how to swim, then never forget your personal floatation device behind. A life Jacket is really important !! A dog life jacket for your dog and one for your kids too!!

SUP Paddle

You will also have to get your own paddleboard. Buy it according to your height. It should not be too long or too short for you. Also, the SUP paddle’s construction material should be reliable, so you can use it for a long time.

SUP fins

Based on the type of paddle board, you will need to have your paddleboard fins as well. These fins help in taking turns and speeding up the paddle board. Some paddle boards have fixed fins, while others have detachable fins.

SUP leash

SUP leash is another item that you will need while going for paddle boarding. It is for your safety and protection. Wear it properly.


A safety whistle is a must if you are planning to go alone. Unfortunate events can happen anytime. You can get injured, pull your muscle due to wrong movement, or anything can happen. Therefore, it is better to stay on the safer side and take your safety whistle with you.


In SUP lessons you are giver clothes by the paddleboard school. But when you are going on your own, you have to take your clothes as well. Choose clothes that are suitable for the weather. Dry shorts and a t-shirt are the right combinations you can take with you. Wear them while paddling, then after coming back to the beach, change into your normal clothes.


Water shoes or sandals that are comfortable are two good options that you should consider while going for paddle boarding.

First aid kit

The first aid kit is also an important item that you should take with you. Falling on the paddleboard or in the water is common in paddle boarding. It can cause an injury. It is the knees that usually get injured. So, take a basic first aid kit with you in your bag. Its need can arise at any time.


Taking beautiful pictures while you are showing off different tricks while paddling can help you store and create memories. And in this world of social media, it will feel amazing to post a short video of your tricks and techniques on the internet to let your friends know how good you have become at paddling. So take your camera but make sure you keep it protected. Keep it in a protected bag, so it stays safe even if it gets water splashes.  


If you are going to discover a new area with your friends, then it is better to take GPS for directions and guidance. No one likes to roam without having any proper direction.

So, do not forget to take these basic items with you next time when you go for paddling!

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