What is Camping SUP?

What is Camping SUP?

Camping is a mix of paddle boarding and camping. SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). You are bringing enough camping gear on the paddle board several days and paddle up to your campsite(s) rivers , canals, lakes or sea shoreline. Paddle board camping is like canoeing and kayaking. 

SUP camping can also be called a super adventure, a long day excursion or a backcountry excursion. 

SUP Camping Trips Styles 

Simple Campsite 

The simplest method of camping is base-camping. You have one camp, base camp, where every night you are going to sleep. Your tent and much of your supplies remain there throughout the day. You can go from the base camp to explore, fish, snorkel and even have a day walk. 

Base camping requires you to bring extra “luxury” equipment and food so you only have to paddle on the first day. 

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An example of a base camping trip I took is seen here on camera. I transported nearly 100lbs of equipment to the base camp on the short paddle. 

Paddling Gap 

On certain journeys, your target is to cover as far as possible. You paddle most of the day during these trips to a new campsite every night. 

These trips are athletic wildlife experiences that enable you to be in good shape for paddling. You hold minimal lightweight equipment and use a paddleboard for easier gliding. 

Camping hybrid paddling 

Most SUP campsites are a camping mix and paddling reach. You can go paddling to several campsites but spend an extra night in some areas. 

The paddling is slower and is typically not targeted at long distances. You should paddle just a few hours a day and take plenty of breaks on the way to your next campsite. 

SUP Camping Hike-in 

Inflatable paddle board camping provides an advantage over camping with canoes or kayaks. 

A paddle board rolls up and rides in a backpack. You can walk in to a distant lake if you have a lightweight inflatable surface and a minimum lightweight camping gear. 

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Even with lightweight gear, you look at a 40-60lbs weight backpack. This is a strong load, so it’s not for anyone to hike in sup camping. 

However, you can explore remote lakes which have never seen a sail, canoe or kayak if you can do it. 

You will see an example of a walk in. Hike-in footage of the sup ride here. The camp was not far away and the trip was only 2 miles away. I went on two trips to bring all my supplies.

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