What Is SUP ?

What Is SUP ?

What is SUP (stand-up paddleboarding)?

Stand-up paddleboarding is an outdoor water sports task in which a rider stands up on a large board and uses a paddle to relocate through the water.

Stand-up paddleboarding, also recognized for the acronym SUP, is just one of the fastest-growing boardsports worldwide. An other recognized acronym is ISUP for : inflatable paddle board.

SUP is a subdivision of paddleboarding, a broader principle that additionally includes making use of arms while stooping, existing, or standing on a slim and long paddle board to move around in the water. 

What is SUP: The History of SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) was claimed to be seen throughout the 1940s in Hawaii initially. Paddleboarding only ended up being a preferred sporting activity after 2001 when Laird Hamilton (famous surfer) began SUPing. From 2001 until now, paddleboarding has grown lots in popularity. Stand up paddleboarders across the world are enjoying their local waters (sea, lakes, bay, and river) on a paddleboard.

What is SUP: Why is Paddleboarding so popular

SUP provides outstanding health benefits, is a fantastic full-body muscular tissue workout, and gets you outside while having a good time. Regardless of how old you are or what your physical fitness level is, paddleboarding is simple to discover as well as can aid you to enter the most effective shape of your life.

Not just do you melt tons of calories via workout, but it also gets enables you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Inevitably, paddlers are seeking a means to unplug from technology and also delight in the outdoors more. A paddleboarding experience will help you do this.

What is SUP: The different kinds of stand paddleboards

There are 3 Sorts Of Paddle Board You Should Know– inflatables, epoxy (tough SUPs) as well as soft tops SUPs. Depending on your budget plan, way of life, and needs, one of these types will undoubtedly be right for you.

  1. Inflatable paddle boards were first created around 2014 and also have remained to expand in popularity throughout the years. Today, they are one of the most preferred because they are the most comfortable kind of paddleboard to keep in your home and also transportation to and even from the water. When deflated, these boards roll up to the size of a resting bag as well as match a backpack. Contrary to popular belief, SUP inflatables are just as rigid as epoxy boards since they are created with army quality, decline to sew innovation.
  2. Epoxy paddleboards (aka hard SUPs) are your traditional design paddleboard. Epoxy paddleboards have been around the longest and are still people’s unfavorite types of SUP as a result of their ability to do specific problems. Epoxy boards are built of EPS foam and also multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy material to stop dings or damage.
  3. Soft top paddle boards are the perfect board for beginners as well as to show a member of the family at a lake or beach house. A thin top paddle board’s front deck is constructed with a spongy, soft product making it very user-friendly and resilient. Don’t allow the soft material fool you. All soft-top SUP’s cores are constructed of sturdy/rigid products, comparable to an epoxy SUP
  Top 7 arguments for buying an inflatable SUP rather than a hard board

At Pakaloa we prefer inflatable stand up paddleboard for five reasons:

  1. They are very compact and convenient.
  2. They are lightweight.
  3. They are very rigid.
  4. They are durable and robust.
  5. They are versatile.

What is SUP: Different ways you can use your paddleboard

In the last past years, people have been discovering enjoyable, new activities to do on their paddleboards. Recently, paddleboard companies have been designing boards for particular exterior sporting activities, including:

What is SUP Yoga?

Simply put, SUP yoga is practising yoga on a paddleboard standing in the middle of a water body. SUP Yoga is best performed on calm water bodies such as lakes, bays and ports. 

In recent years, SUP yoga has become a popular water sport for yogis and paddle-boarders. In addition, many yogis greatly improve their yoga skills by practising SUP Yoga because it requires greater energy, balance and concentration. People also do acroyoga on paddle boards stand up. 

Why on water? 

There are some elements of comparison between land-water yoga. Stand up paddle yoga includes hatha and vinyasa flows that require different adjustments that you won’t use when you only have yoga practised on land. 

For example, you always get grounded on land, and you are always moving with the wind and the current on a paddle board, and you always balance on a restricted surface. 

Due to these water constraints, SUP yoga requires a strong concentration and balance, to keep your paddleboard stable when keeping or switching between positions. These new challenges will ultimately refine your earth and workplace technique you are not used to. 

Another incredible advantage of practising yoga on the water versus land is that you do it on a lovely, calm body of water outdoors. You can breathe fresh air with every pose that you do, so you will admire the beautiful scenery around you when you open your eyes. Ultimately, outdoor yoga is a calming and stimulating activity. 

Benefits of SUP yoga

If both paddle boarding and SUP yoga were to be merged, the job would improve tremendously. In short, paddle boarding is a full-body fitness course that deals for your hands, back, chest, shoulders and arms. The 15 minute paddle boarding and then doing a 15-minute yoga flow will be a great training task. 

SUP yoga is an opportunity

SUP yoga is a great way to practise yoga on the water. If you love Land Yoga already, SUP Yoga gives you some wonderful benefits that will improve your yoga skills and get you out. The benefits include enhanced strength, stronger muscles, advanced strategies and relaxation, while you are outside on the water. SUP Yoga can be done for yourself, friends or a school. The best yoga paddle boards are also paddle boards, as they are more stable, comfortable and usually have large deck pads.

What is SUP Fishing?

Access brand-new angling areas that were difficult to reach by land or watercraft…

What if we told you that a new and better way to enjoy fishing was available? If you’re a fishing veteran or want to go into the sport, the most recent and biggest angler trend is stand up for paddle board fishing (SUP fishing). 

The fishing paddle board come with everything you need on the water for your day. You can get a paddle board with scotty mounts to match rod holders, bait trays, riggers, fish finders and any other paddleboard equipment you want. SUP fishing provides many advantages compared with kayaking and boat fishing, which improve your fishing experience. 

Benefits of paddle board fishing

Here are, in brief, the advantages of the paddle board fishing: lightweight and simple to carry (particularly inflatable SUPS fishing). 

  • Great versatility to reach places where fish live quickly and easily – they are much more agile than kayaks. 
  • The SUP gives you more freedom of movement and a clearer view of the fish around you. 
  • Paddle boards are quiet along the water’s surface, so you’re not afraid of catching the day. 
  • Fishing while standing offers you sufficient space to cast your rail correctly

What is SUP Racing?

Only put, it’s Stand Up Paddleboard Racing Closed … Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) racing is typically carried out on a long distance, most often on the banks of rivers or lakes and sea waters. SUP Racing uses the same closed running course track used for watercross (even for jet skiing). 

Sup Racing provides the most competitive flatwater setting … period! It bridges a wide gap between traditional “straight line” SUP races and extreme components of whitewater SUP racing and enables paddlers (of all abilities) “to race the SUP of their lives” by removing any unexpected hazards and creating a healthy, secure environment within a closed course race route! 

Sup Racing will drive those competitors to their limits when making sharp turns left and right, measuring their strength and endurance. The closed course features a buoy-marked track that holds the rivalry tight and fans near the action. Each race will feature pace, technology and determination with up to 20 paddlers negotiating a number of rounds and straightways in this competition, which involves heats, semi-finals and finals.

The dream for single-lap heat is to keep the temperature in every sports arena as high as possible. With a short distance to keep the pace at a high level, but only long enough to make disputed leadership changes and sudden shifts, “Sup Racing” has those crucial moments that will live forever in sports history!

What is SUP Touring?

As the name suggests, the paddle board is a kind of stand-up board ideal for touring. 

On the other hand, a SUP tour itself can range from a casual cruise to a full-service multi-day holiday with a large group of friends, with expeditions and camping sites intermediately, on and off the water with the tour board. This may sound easy and maybe even dull on paper, but that just means that you have not seen all the wonders and challenges of this world yet. You’ll be amazed at the areas you can’t otherwise enter. 

The picturesque natural beauty of these places will lead you to paddle through the beautiful greenish blue lakes and other natural water bodies and you can’t miss a chance to enjoy the environment in this way.

  Benefits of Fishing from a Fishing Paddle Board

What is SUP PUP?

Your pet no longer needs to stay at the house.

SUP PUP! Teach your dog a paddleboard to run. 

Summer is swinging in full! Sounds like fun with your dog on the beach? SUP is an exciting sport, stand-up paddle boarding, you can learn to do with PUP this summer! 

If you love water with your dog, SUP is an enjoyable aquatic activity you can do together. Stand-up paddle boarding gives you communication skills, exercises and great time in nature. 

Learning your dog to paddleboard can be the perfect time to practise some new behaviours. Your dog will also feel more confident in a different environment by mastering the new skills. Naturally, the key advantage of any paddleboard lessons is the ability to spend quality time together with your dog, strengthening your bond!

Learn just how to SUP

As pointed out earlier, anybody can learn just how to paddleboard because it’s easy. Nevertheless, there are numerous paddle boarding errors that also SUP experts make periodically. If you’re seeking a simple beginner’s step-by-step video tutorial on just how to SUP, ensure to enjoy, Exactly how to Paddle Board Appropriately, with some proper paddling strategy recommendations or lessons from teachers or paddle board rental businesses, you’ll be able to start paddleboarding immediately.

Important SUP Devices

At Pakaloa, every SUP features a complete gear package, meaning whatever you require to start paddleboarding is in this package. Depending on the type of paddleboard you get, it may come with different devices.

Inflatable paddle boards come with:

  • Hand pump
  • Fin
  • Paddle
  • Leash
  • Carry backpack

Wrapping Up

Stand up paddleboarding is a water sport that is only growing in appeal. With brand-new innovative constructions, layouts, and also ways to make use of a paddleboard, even more, as well as more individuals, are getting right into the water sport.

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