Where to fall off and return to your paddle board?

Each paddleboarder stands in again, so knowing how to get back on is essential. It doesn’t matter what type of talent you are; it sometimes happens. If it’s intentional (you wanted to swim) or you just lost your balance, you will find yourself treading water near your board at some point. This article provides some tips about how to fall and an explanation of how to get back into your inflatable SUP step by step.

Learn how to fall off and return

Because falling off is an inevitable part of standing paddle boarding, it is essential to know how to get back on it. But before we get into the process, let’s talk about the fall. First stuff can be fun (especially when you plan to) to fall in! Few things are better than a fast dip into the water as you paddle out. Not to mention the SUPing facilities for surfing and snorkeling. No matter why you end up in the sea, there are a couple of things to think about before you leap and fall in.

Go for a dip when you’re relaxing on the water or just having fun.

Where to Fall

As always, it is essential to put safety first while you’re on the water. Of all water events, a common rule is to leap first still. You can’t ever see what is under your face (river, rocks, submerged tree, etc.), so it’s difficult to tell your depth accurately, even though the water is clear. Therefore, you should always do your most challenging first to reach the feet of the stream.

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Firstly, you want to swim and slip off your boat. When you fall, you can feel the urge to try and catch your plate, but you better try to stop all this together. A full filled board is pretty rigid. Landing on your board or paddle will damage you worse than merely dropping into the sea. Because you have a rope and most SUP paddles have been built to float, you have no risk of losing your gear. So, don’t fight it if you feel ready to go; spring in, and lead with your feet.

Ensure to put your leash and use it when on the water

How should I get there?

No matter why you got into the bath, now is the time to move in. Concentrate now on swimming back to the surface. You can find your paddle later. Swim to the middle of your board until you hit it. It is much easier to get back from the side than from the right. While this is possible, it’s not as effective with large boards, such as SUPs, and best used by surfers with small shortboards.

When you are in the middle of your frame, take the middle handle on one side and put your other hand on the shelf close to the wall. You can push yourself onto your board when you get a tight grip on the handle. Be sure your legs are behind you, not behind the wall. It gives you an upward drive. Make many hard kicks with your hands in place, thus drawing your arms up. When you kick and pull, slide up into a prone position on your board (face down, on your stomach). It all takes … you are back on! That is all it takes!

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Ensure to put your leash and use it when on the water

Your kicks help you get out of the water. At the same time, your arms allow you to pull on the board. You will find the balance between spices and hurts when you try it yourself. And now that you are in a prone position on your seat, you can use your weapons to move. Unlike a surfer, you can use your arms to float on your board from a prone position.

Step 1 – Get in Place

Swim to your board core. Take the handle of the carrier with one hand and put the other hand on the board edge.

Phase 2 – Pull and Push

Start to kick with your hands in place while pulling with your arms simultaneously. You are using your kicks to lift yourself and arms away from the water to pull you up.

Phase 3 – Paddle-prone

You can use your arms from your prone position (face down, on your stomach) to move your paddle if it is gone. You’re ready to go once you’ve got your paddle back.

If you are looking to see more info about getting back on your feet, see our article “How to Stand Up On Your SUP.” Even for experienced paddlers, it can be very unusual; falling away is part of the sport and the fun.

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Enjoy … falling in can be a funny thing!
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