If you are a surf store or wholesaler looking to sell well-made surf gear and boards that are mindfully created to protect our environment and manufacturers, then we would love to partner with you.

We believe in upping the level of the surf industry so that sellers and consumers can be more conscientious about the practices behind the creation of our products.

Not only do we make clothes, accessories, and surfboards that are functional and stylish, but we create everything with the surfer in mind. For instance, we know that surfing a big, heavy day in the tropics requires sunscreen, board shorts, leashes, wax and boards that won’t fail.


As a team of surfers ourselves, we want to reflect an authentic brand that is in alignment with the spirit of surfing. When we are on the water day in and day out, we know first hand that we have to protect our ocean environment through our manufacturing, buying and selling practices.

We are looking for like-minded partners to sell our products and honestly believe in being in business with people who stand for the same values.

We believe that everyone in solved in the business of creating selling and buying surf products should be treated with the utmost respect. That includes the people who sew the clothes, design accessories and shape the boards along with the employees in the shops and online. Ideally, all parties involved share the same passion for surfing, the natural world and indeed acknowledge that surfing is an entire lifestyle rather than just a sport.


Surfers often dedicate their entire lives, travel plans and a significant portion of their budget to surf, which includes; checking the surf report, driving to the spots, planning surf trips, and negotiating their schedules to align with the conditions, so we want to provide them with quality products that have them stoked in and out of the water.

Nothing feels better than hitting the line-up knowing that we have made the best business and consumer choices that prioritize protecting our natural world.

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