Why you should paddle board this summer

Why you should paddle board this summer

Summer is coming

You see them everywhere: placed on the launch boat, straped up from the walls of your local outdoor gear store, to the roof of each Subaru on the lane. If you compete in summer water sports, you can not stop inflatable paddle board.

If you’re a late adopter of new water technology, you may wonder why everyone now looks paddleboarding. This is why we think that SUPs are an improvement to your outdoor adventure.

This is NOT HARD AS IT Seems

Paddle boarding can be extremely frustrating for the balance impaired. Nobody wants to waste more time doggy paddling than paddling, just as enjoyable as slipping in freezing lake waters regularly.

The good news is that SUPs are very stable in fact. A large and wide standing area helps keep the board flat on the surface, so just a little practise is required in order to get your board covers.

First, begin in calm, flat water so you don’t fight waves. Second, that doesn’t mean you have to get up because this is a Get Up paddle board! Start your knees before you hang your board’s “tippiness.” When you feel relaxed, grab your mates, strap on and assault the surface.


You can help something

SUPs are incredibly easy to transport despite their large scale. Inflatable paddle boards clip securely to the top of any roof frame and many have adjustable stackability fins.

Even better, most inflatable paddleboards have a backpack so that you can SUP anywhere. Walk 10 miles into the base camp of the alpine lake, or descend into a canyon and swim anywhere with water. Flatable boards mean you could only dream of getting to secret gems such as boat campgrounds on your raft or canoe before.


Kick up a notch with your paddleboard game. From the lake to the river to the shore, you can take your paddleboard for all children of SUPreme fun-or you can take a day trip on the water to an overnight paddles ride for more challenges.

SUPs are also (literally) perfect forums for every summer activity. Take paddle board yoga to drive the balance skills to a limit (a safe and sparkling landing if you fail). Use your paddleboard to reach hard to get to the fishing spots and throw off the board quickly Challenge your mates to a paddleboard race or jousting competition to crown the best paddler on the lake, and celebrate with some post-boarding beers. Spread out your food and dive into the open water on your plate.

  10 SUP Camping Tips for a Smooth Trip

Take a paddling trip to a campsite just for water entry. Hold your cooler or other gear on a mini raft – make sure your ties are secure so that you do not lose your precious cargo!

Schedule your SUP ride for the full moon and paddle below the stars at midnight. And you can paddle board with your pup if you have a nice trained dog! Don’t forget a water bowl and a lifejacket canine.

NOW, you have stuck to help, don’t ask to blow up …

Waterproof case and additional clothes when you take your dip Sunscreen / Hats / shades Water Shoes Headlamp Water Bottle PFD Fishing Pole Drinks for and after – shop in comfortable Wine Tote For your camping trips, a SUP’s open. Buy in compact Wine Tote.

If you’re an exciting water sports fan or looking for a way to make your water activities a little more serious, a paddle board is the ideal complement for your equipment set. Try it on a paddle board rental 😉

Now come out and show us whatSUP this summer!

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