Yerba Mate And Diseases

Yerba Mate And Diseases

A lot of research has gone into Yerba Mate about its health benefits and its therapeutic and disease-causing effect. As the popularity of the drink spread more and more people studied the effects. Let us see some of the results of the study conducted.

Does Yerba Mate Cause Cancer?

There is no study to conclusively say Yerba Mate causes cancer nor has there been any population study to prove it. But, then the association of Yerba Mate with cancer seems to come from the PAHS or Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons that it contains. These compounds are known carcinogens.

Tobacco smoke also contains PAHS. So does grilled food. Maybe that is where the connection of cancer with Yerba Mate comes from. There have been certain incidences of cancer of the mouth reported in people who smoked and drank Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate And High Blood Pressure

There are reports of Yerba Mate increasing the blood pressure. The caffeine in it could be the reason for it. It is also known to increase the heart rate. It is better for people with high blood pressure problems to not have Yerba Mate.

On the other hand, consumption of Yerba Mate is recommended for people with low blood pressure. This will help to bring your blood pressure to normal. People with low blood pressure should try this in the morning when they are at their lowest lows of the day.

Pregnancy And Yerba Mate

It is not safe to drink Yerba Mate during pregnancy. It may be said by many that you can take a normal dose of caffeine per day. The normal dose would be one cup of Yerba Mate. However, it is better to avoid Yerba Mate during pregnancy if your pregnancy is anything that is other than the most normal type.

Diuretic Effect

Yerba Mate is a good diuretic. If you have any disease that requires a diuretic to be taken, then Yerba Mate is very good for you. The caffeine and other elements in it are responsible for this effect. You will experience increased need to pass urine as the production will be more. Be sure to drink enough water to make up for the extra loss of water.

Nausea And Yerba Mate

Though certain types of nausea may be cured by stimulating the digestive system, an effect caused by Yerba Mate may be of help. But in most cases, the drink causes nausea because of the stimulation of the digestive system. So, if you are already suffering from nausea it is better to stay away or reduce the intake.

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