Yerba Mate – The Wonder Potion

Yerba Mate is supposed to give the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate. This is the wonder potion which is the most preferred in many South American countries. In Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of Brazil, this drink is much more preferred than coffee. It is estimated that the consumption of Yerba Mate is six times that of coffee in these countries.

What Is Yerba Mate

It is made from the leaves of the tree Ilex Paraguariensis. The tree belongs to the Holly family. The leaves are naturally caffeinated and nourishing. It is not a new drink. The native tribes of South America, the Ache Guayaki used to drink this for quite a few centuries. They use the gourd of the tree to sip the drink from. They used to find their nourishment, focus, and invigoration from this drink.

Origin Of Yerba Mate

The origin of the Yerba Mate is filled with folklore. It is said to have been discovered by the people in the forests of Paraguay and Southern Brazil. These people were called The Guarani in Paraguay and The Tupi in Brazil. They called this herb a gift from the Gods. It was used by tribes who lived an agriculture-dependent, nomadic lifestyle. It was also used by the warrior tribes of this region. It was used to give them the necessary strength.

Yerba was also used to heal the sick. These tribes believed the potion to be able to cure them, give them strength and sustain their life. As a herb associated with the Gods, Yerba was often part of the religious rituals.

The popularity of the Yerba Mate spread to the Gauchos or cowboys of Argentina. They started using this to give them strength during their long cattle drives. It was customary to pass around a gourd full of Yerba Mate as they sat around the fire, waiting for food. It was part of enjoying the fellowship between them. The stimulant qualities of the drink helped them overcome the tiredness of riding long distances to round up the cattle.

Yerba was consumed as regular food when there was a shortage of food or famine. In short, the plant had different benefits for people from different regions. Everyone agreed on one thing. That Yerba Mate was a drink that gave them strength and could not be matched by any of the other beverages.

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